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Rise and rosé

The 9AM Banger

99 Scott, Brooklyn, NY

The cool stuff we did

New York City summertime vibes are second to none! The 9AM team brings their take on an all-pink affair with Rise and Rose.

We came through with our team and provided live streaming and live visuals.
Plugging into their popup set up at 99 Scott. We were able to have multiple cameras to give the viewer at home as much of the party as possible.

Our wireless in-crowd camera is always fun as people sing and dance to it, creating many mini-music videos.

Mapping onto various LED screens is always a challenge but always accomplished. In this instance, we plugged into 3 different LED screens across the stage and displayed logos and content accordingly as the day went on.

Shout Outs

Live VJing

Live Recording

Live Editing

LED Mapping

Tech Summary



  • OBS

  • Resolume

  • MadMapper

  • ATEM Software Control


This channel is coming soon!


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