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Halucinated Design is a small design studio based out of New York City that focuses on design and animation for the entertainment and nightlife industry. It was founded in 2010 and then officially established in 2012. We focus on branding DJs, producers, artists, and other creatives alike. We make their brands shine on event flyers and cover art, as well as T-Shirts and device skins, and then bring it to life by animating promos and trailers for their large scale events.

Meet The Team

Steve Lucin

Founder, Creative Professional

Lucin designed his first flyer in 2005 and that is when he fell in love with graphic design. He was a computer & systems engineering major but decided to switch his major to his true passion (best decision ever). He developed his graphic design skills throughout undergrad and then went straight to getting his masters where he learned to animate motion graphics. Ever since then, Lucin has been the happiest guy on earth. 


He enjoys giving back to the community by speaking with and mentoring high school students about career opportunities in the graphic design and animation fields. He believes money should never be the reason why one does not get an education, this is why he created the Halucinated Scholarship for the Aspiring Creative

Adrian Almonte

Senior Designer

Adrian first interned at Halucinated Design in the summer of 2013. He quickly earned his way as the official junior designer. With his drive and passion for design, working together with Lucin is natural. 

Steve Lucin