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Welcome to the mesmerizing world of Halucinated, where the pulse of nightlife and the art of visual storytelling converge into unforgettable experiences. Born from a profound passion for immersive experiences, we are a collective of visionaries dedicated to transforming spaces and events into vibrant, living canvases that resonate with the energy and spirit of the moment.

At the heart of our mission is the magic of VJing. With our hands on the pulse of the latest trends and our eyes on the infinite canvas of imagination, we don't just play visuals; we sculpt the atmosphere, influencing the energy in the room to elevate every beat, every moment into a shared experience that lingers long after the night fades. Our live VJing prowess is not just about syncing visuals with music; it's about creating a synchronous language that speaks directly to the soul, turning every event into a collective journey of sensory exploration.

Our expertise doesn't stop at mesmerizing VJing. We are pioneers in immersive projection mapping, bringing walls, facades, and even the unexpected surfaces to life with visuals that defy expectations and transform spaces into realms of fantasy and wonder. Each project is a new story waiting to be told, a unique narrative crafted with precision, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to awe and inspire.

The pandemic era, while challenging, sparked a new chapter in our journey. It taught us resilience, adaptability, and the art of livestreaming. Seizing the digital frontier, we took our skills on the road, capturing the essence of nightlife across New York City, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens. Our ability to document the vibrant party scenes and curate live broadcasts has not only preserved the memories of these ephemeral moments but has also extended the reach of these experiences, connecting communities and sharing the joy of live events in a time of separation.

Our services extend beyond the night. We offer live recording and editing, ensuring that the magic of your event is captured and crafted into content that tells the story of your brand, your vision, and your community. Whether it's for a nightlife brand, event curators, or venues looking to leave a mark, Halucinated is here to bring your vision to life, creating immersive experiences that transcend the ordinary.

Join us on this journey of visual exploration and let's create something truly hallucinating together. At Halucinated, we're not just creating events; we're crafting experiences that ignite the imagination, foster connections, and leave a lasting impact on everyone who steps into our world. Welcome to the future of immersive experiences. Welcome to Halucinated.



Crafting Immersive Experiences Beyond Imagination

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