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Projection Mapping + VJing


Show-up fee to VJ

We'll plug into the venue's LED screens or projectors and put on a show, 1 GoPro included so we can IMAG (Image Magnification)


Per projector needed

We'll pop up and setup our 3800 lumen laser projectors and make the place immersive.

Example: 4 Projectors to fill up a small/medium room would be

$600 + ($250 x 4) = $1,600

Live Recording/Editing


Show-up fee to record the event

We'll capture clean audio and provide 1 GoPro to record video for the event.


Per extra GoPro needed

More angles make the recording more interesting.


Per extra Sony A7S III needed

Best quality footage, especially for low light environments like a nightclub. Wireless camera operator included.



Any finessing of the live edit that you wish to do such as replacing shots, branding, exporting each individual DJ sets, uploading to YouTube, and basic SEO (title, description, tags).

Example: Camera for front of the DJ (Boiler Room style included in show up fee), 1 Sony camera on the stage, 1 Sony camera in the crowd, plus another GoPro in the front of house to capture the whole environment would be $600 + (450 x 2) + $250 = $1,750 PLUS Post-Production would be another $600 for a grand total of $2,350 on the higher end.

If you wanted just 2 GoPro camera angles that would be $600 + $250 + $600 = $1,450

Book a Zoom call to hash things out with us.



2024 Q2 Pricing

Prices just went up, book us now! Pricing is subject to change at any time.

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