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DJ Narco Branding + Marketing

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

DJ Narco Logo Mockup

Jimmy Escalona has been DJing since he was like 15 years old, it's truly a passion of his. He wanted to start to stand out more, make his name more official, and take DJing more seriously. He approached me to design his logo for his DJ name, DJ Narco. We designed his logo, but then went all in with his brand by designing everything that he needed.


• Logo Design

• Business Card Design

• Social Media Branding

• Website Design, Development, and Launch

• Cover Art

• Flyer Designs

• Instagram Feed Posts

• Merchandise Design

• Promo Videos

• EPKs

Logo Design Process:


To Jimmy, Narco means being risky and edgy when it comes to his music selection, and this needed to show threw in his logo design. An aggressive yet organized approach was taken.

Final Logo:

Business Card Design:

We needed to dive even deeper in order to create his website, especially because messaging and strategy is key. This is where we did a full brand discovery and uncovered the soul of his brand.

Brand Discovery:

DJ Narco is dedicated to providing entertainment to diverse cultures through musical creativity, so that they can have fun and get lit.

Armed with the strategy from the Brand Discovery, we were able to create his website,

DJ Narco Website Promo:

Party o Perreo Vol. 1 Cover Art:

Mini Mix Cover Art: Website Launch Party Recap Video:

Electronic Press Kit:

DJ Narco @ Fusion Lounge Video:

Bookings Available Flyer:

Weekly Lineup Animated Flyer:

Manifesto Design:

Many More Flyers Designed:

Merchandise Design:

As you can see, we went in on the DJ Narco brand.

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