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best nft art show in nyc

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

I’m excited to announce that Halucinated and sponsored and designed the curation of NFT Hypebeast, an NFT art show! This was a crazy collab and it definitely won’t be the last. 🔥 Artz, a musician, director, and curator came to us about an NFT art show he was hosting at Quad Recording Studios in Times Square. He had curated a lot of NFT art he wanted to display but needed help bringing the actual presentation of art to life.

Quad Studios had a great space and we needed to utilize it to the max. We decided to display sponsors on the 4 screens and then use projection mapping on the column. We knew the art had to really stand out and take up a lot of space so we decided to use projection mapping to display it.

Each art piece was a part of the collection that was displayed as a group and individually. We decided to display them using ornate golden frames, which was inspired by how the Louvre Museum displays some of their work. The names of each collection were also used as inspiration for the background the art was placed on, this added to a very unique touch to each collection. For example, for the Concrete Jungle Collection we used a concrete texture background.

We used a total of 4 projectors, 3 laptops, 3 projection screens, & 4 tv screens.

Sponsors were big for this event and we wanted to make sure they got the love they deserved. We created a sponsor layout to display art and information about each sponsor, this looped the whole night on the four tv screens and on 4 sides of the column. The event also had another floor open to the public that we also projected for. We used the Mad Mapper to help us plan the projection mapping for the night and went to the studio the previous day to test and make sure everything was set for the night. Peep the Halucinated and sponsor videos👀

(There is no sound in these video loops because there was a live DJ during the event)

Check out how we displayed and animated the curation of the NFT gallery:

All the sponsors, art curators, artists, and audience that were there that night were hyped to see their work displayed. The night was so successful that there was a huge line around the block just to get into this NFT art show. 😎 Oh and did I forget to mention that we also helped livestream the event so people who weren’t able to attend could still feel a part of it.

If you need help putting together your NFT art show, either virtually, in-person, or both, contact

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